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Bienlife Clinic, with its 6 years of experience, professional staff and knowledge in the aesthetic and beauty industry, offers a wide range of services with many units to your service. As Bienlife Clinic, we have always aimed to carry quality to the next level by following the developments in the sector and integrating these developments into our services since the day we were established.

    Veronica Brown
    Je suis venu ici sur les conseils d'un ami. Avant, j'hésitais beaucoup à propos de la greffe de cheveux, mais quand j'ai vu le changement chez mon ami, j'ai été convaincu.
    Hazel Andigre
    Everyone at this clinic was very kind and helpful, the procedure went smooth and the doctors are good at what they are doing. I'm healing good now wait for progress photos. Highly recommended
    Victoria Weber
    There are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, but this is the best one so far. I made a research before the transplant for information and this clinic caught my attention immediatly. They did my hair and so far I am really happy with the results.
    Isabelle Dennis
    Tout s'est bien passé du début à la fin, l'arrivée à Istanbul avec le chauffeur qui vous conduit directement à l'hotel, personnel au petit soin et à l'écoute, clinique propre et séjour très agréable! Tout s'est passé comme convenu au téléphone. Je recommande Bien life à 100%! Encore merci à toute l'équipe et à son professionnalisme!
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    We are here for you with our patient satisfaction in Health Tourism!
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    Free Consulting
    Free consultancy service where all your questions about the operations and the services we provide will be answered.
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    Customized Treatment Plan and Pricing
    Preparing a special treatment plan for you according to your wishes and needs by our expert team and presenting a price offer
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    Travel Planning
    Creating a comprehensive itinerary with all the necessary steps of your trip
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can Hair Transplantation Be Done Without Cutting the Hair?
    Generally, the hair in both the recipient area and the donor area is shortened. In particular, the donor area is shortened in the fue method.
    Will Dressing Be Required After Hair Transplantation?
    Afterwards, especially the donor area is closed and the recipient area is left open. This dressing is removed after an average of 2-3 days while the hair is being washed.
    Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?
    As long as the donor area is sufficient, anyone with hair loss can have it done. The fue method can be recommended for patients who do not want a straight line scar in the donor area, who wish to have more grafts transplanted in one session, and who want to use short donor area hair. The fue technique is also recommended for candidates who have had fut or fue done before. Fue is a very suitable method for patients who have small openings in the hairline or crown area, who risk shedding in the future, and who may need a second or third operation.
    How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?
    Under normal conditions, it takes between 6 and 8 hours on average.
    Is There Any Redness After Hair Transplant?
    There may be a rash during the wound healing process. In non-sensitive skin, this redness is expected to go away within 10 days. However, this redness may last longer on sensitive skin.
    Does the transplanted hair fall out later?
    It is poured in the form of an incision 3-4 weeks after the operation. This phenomenon is called shock spill. In fact, the producing follicles are planted. As the hair falls, these follicles remain under the skin and begin to produce hair. They start dating after an average of 3 months. They don't all come out at the same time. The output continues for an average of 5 months, increasing the intensity, and continues until the eighth month. Situations such as asymmetry in regions, concentration of one region before, and less frequent occurrence of other regions can be seen. Therefore, it would not be correct to evaluate the result in this period. An average of 8 months should be waited for the evaluation of the outputs. Between the eighth month and the first year, softening of the scar and redistribution of the hairy strands due to this softening and also thickening are observed. When the eighth month and the first year are compared, it is noticed that the first year image is more natural. An average of one year can be expected in the evaluation of its natural appearance. Since they are not affected by the DHT hormone, there is no shedding like in male pattern baldness.